Friday, February 26, 2016

My Open Letter to the GOP

Dear GOP –
Hello, it’s me. From the other side.
While you may be shocked at the rise of Donald Trump, I advise you to take a deeper look at the other leaders within your party.
Donald Trump is not a “GOP extremist”. Instead, he is only representing what a majority of the people in your party are advocating for, and what other Republican Presidential Candidates have alluded to. After all, there is a reason why Trump has been leading almost every GOP poll and your most recently contested primaries.
The issue is not simply an “anti-establishment” sentiment, but more-so a feeling among your base and party leadership that traditional values are at jeopardy.
That is why, for years, many in your party have criticized the current President for being divisive, partisan, and unconstitutional. They argue he has forsaken traditional American values, and forced our nation to abandon conservative values.  
But what is conservative about doubting the loyalty and citizenship of the President of the United States? What is conservative about discriminating against Muslims or the LGBT community? What is conservative about claiming that we should only allow “Christian immigrants” to migrate to this country? What is conservative about denying climate change? What is conservative about boldly and proudly advocating for “less compromise” with another political party? What is conservative about denying a President his constitutional authority to nominate a Supreme Court justice?
Donald Trump is not the only leader you should be concerned about. He is only reflecting what a majority in your party are claiming and advocating for. He just does it with more swag.
Yours truly,
An American Citizen

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